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Similar to activists putting pressure on high level clothing importers from 3rd World Countries to shut down the factories making the clothes because they employed children 12 and up. The fact that the families relied on the income not to starve did not occur to them. In general the people leading movements that cause starvation have always been well fed.

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Hi folks! I'm a first-time contributor and was turned on to this site a through a comment exchange via the Spectator American addition (Thank you Thomas). Great to see a Cal focused platform that is not afraid of some intellectual curiosity. Absolutely fascinating article and I must admit as a coastal type I pay very little attention to happenings in the agriculture sector which is stupid of me, and I promise to do better. So "Should California – or the nation - take the path of most destruction"? no but wouldn't be shocked in the least if it did. There doesn't seem to be any force that would stop our state from pursuing such a tragic path. While a true conservative (or any) alternative to this madness would be welcome, the GOP establishment in my county seems too busy thinking of more ways to lose races. There are exceptions but they get minimal support. Maybe Rick Caruso is on to something, run as a Democrat.

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