Married to native Californian, we visit her tony Santa Clara County town in the San Jose foothills almost every year, often for high school reunions. While much of the state remains beautiful, it is becoming increasinly inhospitable due to high taxes, massive homelessness, constant fire and drought issues (temporarily resolved, it seems, even though much of your recent rains have floated out to sea) and horrific governance. So sad to see. It matters because California's agriculture industry is a vital national asset, and all these factors place it under stress as well.

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Kansas is a wonderful state. In 2019 we took the kids on a 26-State road trip. As Native New Yorkers who decamped to The Last Free State in America, Florida, a decade ago, we did not expect much of Kansas. It delighted us and we lingered for a week, sampling its delights from east to west. Go check it out.

I've worked off and on in California for decades. It was once delightful. Now it sucks.

Fair enough - the People's Republic of NewYorkistan also sucks and for all the same reasons. Imagine that.

No wonder the Democrats are doing all they can to make Donald Trump the GOP candidate in 2024. It is the ONLY HOPE they have of retaining control of the White House.

Fight the noise, my friends. Irrespective of The Donald's policy instincts, his verbal and social media Turrette's Syndrome makes him too divisive. People who don't follow policy and only vote on what the media tells them is "character" will not vote for him.

Stay focused on Comrade Newsom and VP Cackles, never mind Nancy Pelosi who thinks that in America, DEFENDANTS HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROVE THEIR INNOCENCE in a court of law.

If these clowns were not real, they'd be the stars of the darkest gallows' humor skit ever made.

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